Lancaster Action Now Coalition supports and amplifies the good work being done in Lancaster County to protect and empower communities who have long been marginalized and oppressed and/or are currently being targeted.

(1) We are local.
While we understand that many national issues will have local ramifications, our work will focus on protecting and supporting our local community.

(2) We are action oriented.
Resistance and vigils are important, but this group was formed from a desire to do direct, positive action and to support those in the community who are already doing this work.

(3) We are inclusive.
We are made up of a diverse group of people who have a variety of passions. We encourage tolerance within our ranks. As a rule: Be active how you want to be; encourage others to do the same. That's the way for our movement to gain more momentum, identify a broader range of needed activities, and ultimately be more effective.

(4) We are a training ground.
Some people have spent a lifetime organizing and being socially active. Some people are newer to this work. By joining LANC you are committing to being part of the solution by teaching those around you what you know and learning from them as well. If we look to the same activists each time something happens in our community, we risk a leadership void due to burnout and personal circumstances. If we become our own activists we ensure our collective success.

(5) We are social.
It is our hope that social justice, activism and organizing will become an integral part of your social life. You may decide to put aside one night a month, one night a week or more to making Lancaster a safer, healthier environment for all its residence. We hope you will find fulfillment in our actions and fellowship in our members.

(6) We are not virtual.
While we will utilize Facebook to disseminate information, our Facebook group is not meant for discussion, and our actions are meant to happen in the real world, face to face. We believe that knowing each other is key to helping each other.